CPVC Fittings Brass Inserts


CPVC Fittings Brass Inserts

Description for CPVC Fittings Brass Inserts are as follows:


  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
  • Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I) or
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass.
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customer’s requirement

Thread Sizes:

  • 1/2″, 3/4″, 1”, 1.1/4”, 1.1/2”, 2”
  • BSP for female inserts & BSPT for male inserts
  • Or any threads as per custom specification can be developed

Knurling Available:
Diamond, Straight, Both blind and through inserts are available.

Finishing and Plating:

  • Natural, Nickle Platted, Chrome Platted or any coating as per customer’s requirement.
  • Any Kind of Brass Inserts for CPVC Fittings, Brass Male and Female Inserts for CPVC Fittings can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer’s specifications.